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Invitation Etiquette Revealed!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Keep it simple.

Don't try to squeeze too many items into your invite envelope. Many couples will ask if a save-the-date card is necessary? The simple answer to that is no, but the answer is a bit more complex than that. The save-the-date card is often your first announcement to the world that you are getting married so while it is not a necessity it is an important piece of information for your guests. There are two wedding "essentials" to include in your invitations, a reception card and a response card. Other enclosure cards should be based on the couple's needs or special circumstances. I do not recommend squeezing too many elements into your invitation because it can become overwhelming for your guests. Instead you can opt to create a wedding website or newsletter that will allow you to include all the extra details.

When to order invitations?

Couples should order their wedding invitations four months prior to their wedding with a goal to mail them out to guests six to eight weeks before the big day. However, I recommend that you don't send them out less than eight weeks in advance for out-of-town guests. In this case you may want to include response cards requesting that guests respond no later than three to four weeks before the event.

What should couples avoid when designing an invite?

Couples love to personalize all aspects of their wedding. However, I advise that couples avoid too much personalization. My biggest advice to my clients is when it comes to personalizing is to add a monogram or meaningful quote to their invitation. Adding too many elements onto your invitation can take away from the beauty of the design itself.

Hope this helps!

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